Edy Wahono,  
Owner, Island Motorcycles

Owner of Island Motorcycles, Edy Wahono, is passionate about bikes. Growing up in Central Java, he spent most of his childhood getting his hands dirty in his uncle's Vespa repair shop.  

Edy moved to Bali in his teens and has been active in building bikes ever since. Island Motorcycles (originally called "Island Customs & Vespa Classics") opened on Jl. Dewi Sri in 2008 and moved to Jl. Raya Uluwatu in 2016. 

Island Motorcycles' workshop is located on Jalan Raya Uluwatu, Bali.  (Between the petrol station and Dreamland Beach/New Kuta Golf Course)

We build Cafe Racers, Brats, Jap Style, Trackers, Scramblers, and restore classic Vespas. Although we have a selection of bikes ready and available for sale, most of our bikes are made with each specific customer in mind.  We are also well known for our surfboard racks for motorcycles and scooters. 

Many of our customers enjoy being part of the process of designing their custom bikes & Vespas. Whether you already have a bike that you would like to customize or you have an idea of the kind of bike you would like to build, we can help.  

Our staff of mechanics, welders, Vepsa specialists, painters, and airbrush artists can create just the right bike for you.  There are almost limitless possibilities for bike builds.  As a starting point for discussion, we recommend that you bring (or send) a photo of the kind of bike you have in mind. 

Click through our main gallery of our bikes builds and restorations. Or check out our list of models and styles of bikes we recommend

For more information, contact Edy at +62 81337573726 (phone or What's App)



Edy attaches a surfboard rack to a Vario scooter
Vespa - Airbrush Artist
IMG_6564Tools on Deck
IMG_4756 StaffWelding

"Love is that feeling you get when you like something as much as your motorcycle."

- Hunter S. Thompson